Power BI Consultancy

Maximising the Potential of Power BI and the Power Platform

Power BI is designed to be used as a self service analysis platform to empower your workforce and make better business decisions. This is done using up-to-the-minute analytics. Which is why it is essential to ensure the implementation is done correctly using best practice. So that the most efficient route to harnessing your data is used, and an organised approach is taken because once people start consuming your reports through Power BI it will grow rapidly in your organisation.

The Power Platform

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Power BI

Harnessing & Visualising Your Data

Power BI has the capability to combine multiple data sources, be it SQL, Excel, Sharepoint, Social Media data feeds etc. These are managed within Power Query. This tool will extract your data, transform it, and load to Power BI. The beauty of this is a single source of clean data can be deployed for your workforce to consume and produce their own analysis.

The Power BI reports and dashboards that provide powerful insights. Share the reports with the peace-of-mind of built in data security. This means you can deploy a report and different regions would have access to their data, Sales Managers would see their own teams, and Sales People only their own data.

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Power Apps

Easy to Use Apps to Simplify Processes

Using the Power Platform means you can connect to a host of data sources and use within a single app.

These apps run on Mobile or Web devices, and can even run offline for limited connectivity.

Automating your business processes within the app reduces the complexity of your business processes.

For added power the app can be integrated within a Power BI report for a fully end to end solution.

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Power Automate

Time-Saving Workflows

Power Automate removes manual time consuming workflows and processes working on the basis of 'If This, Then This' approach.

For example if an email is received to confirm payment then add a record to a database to record the receipt.

Alternatively automatically save Office 365 email attachments to OneDrive for Business.

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The Process

Working Together Every Step of the Way

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Call or email us for a brief chat to discuss your basic requirements.

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We will arrange a time and date if necessary for us to visit you on-site to evaluate your current systems or practices.

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Once we have an understanding of your needs, we will produce a proposal with details of the solution we can offer, the time it will take and the costs involved.

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We will deliver the completed application and if applicable, offer a training session to you and your staff. If there are any additional objectives, find inconsistencies in your data or see other ways to save your business money, we will clearly identify these during the course of the project.

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