Excel Spreadsheet Services

Excel solutions designed around your requirements

We firmly believe that one size does not fit all – so unlike off-the-shelf software, all of our Excel solutions are built around your exact requirements. This means that not only will your Excel applications function exactly as you expected from day one, but they can evolve with your business by implementing new functions as and when required.

Management reporting systems using MS Excel

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Microsoft Excel Expert

Many off the shelf software applications can be over complicated and often have functions that aren’t relevant for your business. We can produce bespoke Excel Spreadsheet software solutions that will work for you.

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Microsoft Automation

It's a little known asset that each Microsoft package, Word, Excel and Outlook can be combined to provide a powerful unified application.

We help you discover how Microsoft automation can save you time and money, using only software you are already familiar with.

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Data Manipulation

On many occasions businesses can have existing data stored in spreadsheets, or databases tables that need extra work to be made compatible with other systems and applications. We can remove the time consuming tasks and complexity, saving hours of time in lost productivity.

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Data Analysis

Information can instantly be made visible and accessible from large blocks of data through Excel dashboard reporting. This data can be managed using any type of database, Excel is a universal data visualisation tool.

This enables your management team to be more effective and make light work of critical decisions that affect your business.

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Excel Spreadsheet Auditing & Repair

If not designed or developed using FML + Excel Consultants design principles MS Excel Spreadsheets can become error prone due to broken formulas or poorly written code.

We can provide an audit of the Excel Spreadsheet to identify where the problems are. Then the formulae and links can be restored to get you back up and running.

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The Process

Working Together Every Step of the Way

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Call or email us for a brief chat to discuss your basic requirements.

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We will arrange a time and date if necessary for us to visit you on-site to evaluate your current systems or practices.

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Once we have an understanding of your needs, we will produce a proposal with details of the solution we can offer, the time it will take and the costs involved.

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We will deliver the completed application and if applicable, offer a training session to you and your staff. If there are any additional objectives, find inconsistencies in your data or see other ways to save your business money, we will clearly identify these during the course of the project.

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