About FML (excel + consultants)

Our WHY:

FML (excel + consultants) would like to Help People Visualise their Business Data to Make Better Business Decisions and Streamline their Processes to Have a More Efficient Business.

Introducing FML (excel + consultants)

FML (excel + consultants) has evolved as the identity of the originally formed FML - Information Solutions Ltd to focus specifically on the services people ask assistance on the most.

FML - Information Solutions began life 2010 and we've worked with some great clients along the way and found that the experience gained can go on to help another business with a similar problem to solve.

Aligned with the belief that what we produce will be:
Easy to Use

People shouldn't have to know how to use Excel, just be able to do their jobs. A new starter in the business should be able to pick up some analysis and use intuitively, it should be automated so all they need to do is press a single button to get the answer they want.


What use is a report 100 columns wide with 50 tabs for different categories that makes no sense after studying it to work out where how the formulas work? Only to find it doesn't give the right answer!

We build our solutions to people's problems so the answer is on no more of the screen than you are looking at, there's filters to drill down for more granularity, or drill up for an executive view.

Time Saving

This isn't necessarily about turning 5 days into 20 seconds for a business, but about getting things right at the beginning so when you need to use the data for a different purpose it's there to use. Not spending more time manipulating, data cleansing, validating!!! Which in turn costs more.


This is an aim to provide 'One Truth' from the system, instead of having multiple systems producing their part of the answer and nothing matching! Or different departments/offices arriving at a different result. We tie the answer down to accuracy and avoiding the risk of human error.

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The Process

Working Together Every Step of the Way

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  • Call or email us for a brief chat to discuss your basic requirements.

  • We will arrange a time and date if necessary for us to visit you on-site to evaluate your current systems or practices.

  • Once we have an understanding of your needs, we will produce a proposal with details of the solution we can offer, the time it will take and the costs involved.

  • We will deliver the completed application and if applicable, offer a training session to you and your staff. If there are any additional objectives, find inconsistencies in your data or see other ways to save your business money, we will clearly identify these during the course of the project.

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  • I will continue to use FML (excel + consultants) for their approach and ability to improve our business processes through technology. Overall FML (excel + consultants) will provide your business with a reliable and flexible resource that will deliver in a timely manner.
  • By using FML (excel + consultants) you can get a better bespoke solution that meets your current needs. You don’t pay for functionality you don’t need or buy something that only partly meets your needs.
  • This process is now powered by an Excel Application with automatic, line by line analysis that enables exception reporting to highlight any inaccuracies. Saving a large amount of time and enabling the users of LIVE to understand where they need to amend their data entries. As a new client with FML (excel + consultants) we received a thorough service with full support at a reasonable price.

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