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    “After a brief search to help overcome the issues consolidating and formatting reports from our LIVE estimating system NCPH chose to take advantage of the services FML (excel + consultants) offered.

    On a monthly basis NCPH accounts would painstakingly check through the records line by line to ensure accuracy when producing the company team and board reports.

    This process is now powered by an Excel Application with automatic, line by line analysis that enables exception reporting to highlight any inaccuracies. Saving a large amount of time and enabling the users of LIVE to understand where they need to amend their data entries.

    This reporting solution also allows for Team and Board reports to be automatically produced providing an end to end result that is straightforward and easy to use. As a new client with FML (excel + consultants) we received a thorough service with full support at a reasonable price.”

    Richard Penn – Head of Studio & Technology

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    “In January 2011, due to not having the in-house expertise ourselves, we looked for a consultancy business to provide some unique skills for spreadsheet development that could quickly gain an understanding of our business requirements.

    In the time we have worked with Francis Logan at FML (excel + consultants) there have been a number of applications implemented, by automating Microsoft products Excel and Word. The projects have been completed on time whilst demonstrating an agile approach. This agile approach means that the application is developed not just through the knowledge of coding the automation but also by creativity used to deliver the solution. So not just by what is done but how it is done.

    An example of how FML (excel + consultants) have specifically helped Carter Jonas is on the ‘Work in Progress’ measurement, this is to understand how much time has been spent on projects. The application implemented for the translation of data means that the process has improved, including an import routine into the Carter Jonas time recording system.

    I will continue to use FML (excel + consultants) for their approach and ability to improve our business processes through technology. Overall FML (excel + consultants) will provide your business with a reliable and flexible resource that will deliver in a timely manner.”

    Tim Spencer – IT Director
    Carter Jonas LLP

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    “I approached FML (excel + consultants) as I didn’t have the ability to get differing types of data to be amalgamated. In essence what was needed was someone to understand the requirements, and develop an application to solve the problem I had by suggesting ways to achieve the outcomes I needed.

    As a result I am now able to get management information quickly that allows us to manage the business rather than collect data!

    By using FML (excel + consultants) you can get a better bespoke solution that meets your current needs. You don’t pay for functionality you don’t need or buy something that only partly meets your needs.”

    Peter Motley – Business Networking East Midlands

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    “A1 Comms have been using the services of Francis Logan at FML (excel + consultants) since 2013 to support two areas of the business.

    1. Analysis to support the production of the audited accounts, which consists of:

    • Mapping a sales forecast over 24 months to show expected revenues vs actual paid.

    • Analysis of upfront and advanced payments mapped by connection date of handset vs payment file date.

    • Support to produce sales reserve figures to understand ongoing commission behaviour, taking into consideration disconnection decay, and payments coming to the end of the contract naturally.

    2. Reconcilation project of mobile contract connections data with commission payment data from the Network.

    The project has involved managing millions of mobile connection and payment records to understand where incorrect payments had been made for the commission based on the agreed commercial terms. Be it for missing upfront/ongoing payments, payments made but missing minimum agreed level or just underpaid.

    The expertise needed and the level of thought required to provide accuracy of the analysis was at a very high standard. It has made a massive difference to the business not only in terms of the level of understanding of our financial data, but the reconciliation analysis has meant identifying innaccuracies with a multi million-pound value.”

    Louise Walker - Group Commission Manager

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