Data Manipulation


Procedures for extracting data can be complex and time consuming, we can make this process easier. A Data Manipulation Excel application can be developed, which will extract the data from a large spreadsheet or database that can then be imported to the system of choice. All done at the click of a button without the user needing any Excel knowledge.

An existing client required to extract their data relating to specific employees from data downloaded from another spreadsheet. An in-built form allowed the data to be imported from a workbook 150 columns wide with 6 pieces of data each. Through using our purpose-built application, the import process took just 20 seconds, saving the business a lot of time and inconvenience. The imported data could then be easily exported in the simplified format as a CSV file to a default folder.

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We develop Data Manipulation applications that will connect your new or existing excel reports to a database that has been implemented to manage the data. This way you save time, as the data connection and manipulation process is automated, and more importantly you have assurance that the data transfer is accurate and time efficient.


Often when new applications are developed, many businesses decide it is a good time to cleanse the current data set to ensure that their information is up-to-date and free of any errors or missing entries.

FML (excel+consultants) can help you understand on an individual basis whether it is necessary to cleanse your data. When we work on a project with you, this task can be optionally added, or we offer this as a standalone service to any new or existing clients.

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Another task that can prove to be time consuming is removing the duplicate records or unusable data, i.e. admin@ email addresses from marketing lists when implementing a new marketing campaign.

We can develop a Data Manipulation application to produce your marketing lists that provides you with cleansed data. This saves you time and improves the efficiency of your marketing campaigns. Alternatively, if you choose, we can manage the whole service for you.

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